Upcoming MARNsalons

Due to events with the Coivd 19 Pandemic, MARNsalons is currently on hiatus and will return in early 2021. Please check back for details on the upcoming season.

What Is A MARNsalon?

MARNsalons is a professional development program for artists, curators, critics and cultural workers in related disciplines. MARN brings national and international curators and critics to Milwaukee for MARNsalons, a series of in depth engagements with members of the local arts community. Visitors provide a critical purview focused on contemporary art and curatorial experimentation for public consideration. This purview guides a roundtable discussion, juried critiques, public events, site visits and a presence on MARN’s website. The visitors experience is highly crafted, offering them insight on the bounty of the Milwaukee arts community, and is meant to stimulate increasing visibility of Milwaukee-based artists on a national and international scale. 

MARNsalons are organized by a committee comprised of MARN board members, advisors and staff. Advisors from leading local arts institutions are engaged for ideas and feedback on various aspects of the program. The MARNsalon committee performs an annual process to research and vet visiting curators and critics. Collaboration is sought with local arts institutions to deepen the pool of visiting curators/critics and to expand the visit for more public interaction where possible. Previous visitors have included Tameka Norris, Nate Pyper, Michelle Grabner, Irene Tsatsos, Pedro Velèz, Marty Pottenger, Anne Bray, Astria Suparak, Lisa Dent, Wilhelm van Rensberg, and Pamela Fraser

We thank the Mary L. Nohl Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation and the Milwaukee Arts Board for the generous support to make the 2017/18 MARNsalon series possible.

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